JOS facade cleaning

Reticolo has dealt with monument buildings since 1992. With a more than 10 years of experience in monuments, we started to operate with a new facade and surface cleaning system, called JOS technology.

With this cleaning method, our company cleans various types of facade such as stone-, brick-, rendered-, metal and many more different facade types.


JOS- Germany cleaning method:

German patent number: 0171448

Hungarian patent number: 43.758/SZA


The advantages of JOS technology:

-         Quicker than the previous methods, we are able to clean 5-10 m2 / hour

-         Even if the surfaces are varied we do not need to change the cleaning tool

-         Cheaper

-         Safer because there are no sparkling or electrical charges

-         Environmentally friendly, there are no chemicals


Where to utilize JOS technology:

-         Monuments, church buildings

-         Plinths of the buildings

-         Retaining walls, bridge- piers

-         Rendered facades to clean dust, grafiti, carbon deposit

-         Old painted layers

-         Facade cleaning after fire- loss

-         Embossments and reliefs

-         Indoor staircases

-         Statues

-         Machine cleaning