Monument engineering

Reticolo is proud of offering comprehensive, modern and professional help in monumentrelated projects. Our passion is to save, renovate and utilize monuments. We not only make engineering work but consider the feasibility opportunities of the given buildings.


The ususal reasons of load-bearing structure problems are the followings:

Human interference

-         Shaking because of traffic

-         Fire

-         Bombs

-         Constructions under surface (metro)

-         Insert of installations into old buildings and the shakings caused by the works

-         Water level sinking or growth

-         Modernization of old buildings which can cause the growth of weights or realignment

Natural causes:

-         Insenescence of materials or ossature

-         Physical causes (freezing)

-         Chemical causes (salting, crystallization)

-         Biological causes (roots)

-         Water problems (groundwater, rain, humidity)

-         Earthquake

-         Temperature changes