Budapest XIII. district Meder street - 360°


In 2006, the complex and grand redesign of the 7-hectare area behind the Duna Pláza (Danube Mall) on the 1-kilometre bank of the Danube in the XIII. district was started by Duna-Bay Kft. According to the original plans, the area would have 2000 apartments and hotels on 23.000m2, while offices on 137.000m2 and restaurants and stores on 55.000m2 would be built in several stages. The estimated lead time of the development was between 2008 and 2014. The reference building, called Silver Box, was completed in 2007. The construction of Block 37 had started – based on the previous construction permit –, but in the meantime, due to the economic crisis, was terminated. The same thing happened to other redesigns, waiting for the boom of the market economy.