Ybl crown Palace

Budapest, Fő street 10. - Ybl Crown Palace


The renovation of the building at 10 Fő Street took place after a long preparation in the 1st district of Budapest, in the UNESCO World Heritage conserved area. The owner is the Irish resident Brabach Inglatlanfejlesztő Kft. (Brabach Property Development Ltd.) According to the concept, 13 luxurious apartments and offices, as well as stores facing Fő Street were designed, aiming to reach the original elegance while restoring and remodelling the building.

The construction permit became final in March 2008, based on the plans made by Öt-elem Kft. – a design centre related to architect designer Ákos Dobrányi. Based on tender, the construction works began to be executed by Partner Építő Kft. (Partner Construction Ltd.), however, in the meantime – due to the crisis of the construction market – Archicolo Kft., a general contractor company took over from a more or less constructional-grade state and finished the project as well.

The newly built building obtained its operating licence in March 2011. During construction, built-in appliances and furniture (such as high-quality kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes etc.), as well as lights were installed in order to provide a coherent and elegant appearance. The Irish investor offers real estate for the long run. You can watch the minifilm made by the investor by clicking here.