Akác liget residential park


A 119-apartment residential building with stores facing the street were constructed during the property redesign of the plot at 12-14 Akácfa Street, VII., Budapest, by Club 18 Center Kft. (Home Center Rt.) The plot neighbours both Akácfa and Klauzál Streets, therefore the building operates on the stairways connected to said streets. Unfortunately, the rundown building on the neighbouring plot on Klauzál Street connected to the plot rather badly and did not promote the architectural design of the newly built building, however, the rundown build had already been demolished. By including said plot, an even nicer and more coherent garden could have been made. In spite of these, the exciting concept of the garden façade resulted in a spectacular building. The building was designed by Narthex Kft. alongside Archicolo Kft. Casiopea Group Kft. undertook the post of the general contractor, while Excluzív Bau Kft. was in charge of execution.